How a Kidney Stone Changed My Life: A Painful Reminder To Take Care Of Oneself

I've always been the kind of person who struggled with my weight. In high school, I managed to keep it in check by participating in various sports like swimming, wrestling, football, and even fencing. Staying active was easy back then. However, once I entered college, the challenge of maintaining an active lifestyle became increasingly difficult, and my weight started to creep up every weekend. By the time I reached graduate school, it had reached an embarrassing 450 pounds. In my early twenties, I unintentionally shed a significant amount of weight. I know that sounds like a brag, but it was the unintentional part that was the problem. I had not built a system. Rather  I was working in Anacortes, WA, surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty that kept me active. But as life progressed, and I got married to my wonderful wife Lisa and started a family and  my career took center stage, my weight slowly began to creep back. Year after year, the pounds piled on until I found myself
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